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My Monday Motivation: I am Fatherless but…

It’s November and like most I have made my plans for Thanksgiving. Go just one city over,  to my mother’s house with my Husband and 4 children. Thanking God for her and the fact that I don’t have to cook. Maybe I will one day when my kids are a little older and I can tackle a Thanksgiving feast without having to stop to nurse or change a diaper. It’s something about the holidays that make you think of family or the lack there of. Thanking God for the new memories you can make with loved ones around the dinner table. While at the same time feeling sorrow for the memories you can’t make because of a loved one’s absence.

A recent situation in my life sparked some questions about my father.

Simple questions.

What about your dad?  Where is he?

 Simple Answers.

“Nothing to tell! I never met him.” “I don’t know! and No, I don’t want to find him.”

I hadn’t thought much about him in the last year. I’m just a few months away from turning 30 and the childhood wonder of my absent father reappearing in my life is losing its appeal. He’s never been there for any major events or holidays, so why should this Thanksgiving be any different?

“It sucks to be him!” is all I can think. He doesn’t get to see the woman God has molded me to be. One who has survived numerous abusive relationships and traumatic events in her life. But then I think, would I have had to experience those terrible times if I had a father around to protect me? That thought is short lived because my hardships lead me to where I am now. In a great marriage with a loving husband, 4 beautiful children and a miraculous testimony.

In Jeremiah 49:11a God says, “Leave your fatherless children, I will keep them alive.”. God had indeed keep me alive despite my father’s absence. As Thanksgiving approaches and my family comes together, I don’t have to be sad.

 I am fatherless but I am not without a Father.

God is my Heavenly Father! He has blessed me with an amazing mom, an incredible younger sister, an extraordinary extended family as well as a couple of great godly men to act as fatherly role models in my life.

So, simple questions.

 What about my dad? Where is he?

Simple answer.

“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.” Psalm 68:5

Prayer: Our Heavenly Father, Thank you for family and times we share together. You have blessed us with relationships, so that your love can abound between us. Lead us to forgive those who have abandoned us. Let our sorrow not last long as we think about the absence of those who are not with us by choice, distance or death. Comfort the fatherless, motherless, and all the hopeless, especially during this holiday season. Help us to always be thankful and forever committed to Your will. Amen

Be Inspired! Be Radical! Be Blessed.


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Memory Verse: For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” Matthew 12:50


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