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Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog.

On here you will find insight into my “imperfect life as a stay at home wife”. I share my personal experiences; struggles and successes as a wife and mother of 4. I am not your average mommy blogger with a nailed down schedule, pristine home, or a fairy-tale marriage.So if your looking for a collection of planner printables, freezer meal ideas, happy-go-lucky posts or other perfectly useful tips…this is not the blog for you. I mean I do aspire to be that extremely well organized mom, who has everything together while wearing a cute yoga outfit but realistically its trial and error (and error and error) over here. I’m a weirdo, oddball, emotional, introverted, Jesus freak with a messy past, piles of dirty and clean laundry in every room, a sink full of dirty dishes, hidden dirty diapers, and a mixture of crumbs, stains, and toys all over my floor. In the midst of my imperfect life my family and I have unconditional love for one another, excessively loud moments of laughter, random dancing and rap battles, as well as intense ninja and superhero training. If all that sounds interesting to you, please join me in my wild adventures as part of the one and only Team Parker-Benton. I hope I can inspire and encourage you to be the best imperfect you while you live a joyful imperfect life.

Be Inspired! Be Radical! Be Blessed!




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